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We offer our clients the best On-Board-Units (OBU's) for truck tolling services

Welcome to Giovea

European Electronic Toll Services (EETS) are progressing throughout Europe. National policies and solutions start to apply for Heavy Goods Vehicle Charge (HGVC) throughout Europe. Where neigboaring countries already apply such a charge, the Dutch government will introduce a heavy goods vehicle charge in 2023. The common trend and expectation is that OBU's will be applied just as in countries like Belgium and Germany. These On-Board-Unit will be supplied by the national toll service providers. Existing EETS providers will allow you to drive with one and the same OBU through multiple countries.

The Giovea OBU CT20 is a so called thin-client OBU that will operate in a solution environment where routes and charges are calculated in a central system rather then kept and calculated in the device itself (as currently in Germany). It will help national service providers as well as EETS providers to have a cost effective operation where the end-user is not bothered by difficulties of it's operation.

We like to keep it Simple, yet Sustainable and Strong so it can last a lifetime. Looking for a Suitable OBU? Welcome to Giovea!

About our brand

Our company name and brand makes a wink to GIOVE-A, Galileo's first In Orbit Validation Element. This first 'A' satellite for testing the communication technology for the European Galileo navigation system, was launched from Kazakhstan on December 28, 2005. It costed 28 million euro and it was equipped with a Soyuz rocket weighing 600 kilograms. The atomic clocks have been successfully tested and the internationally agreed frequency bands for the European navigation system have been put into use by means of a navigation signal. What a tremendous endeavor and what an exciting times we live in.